April 22, 2018


Blogs and other websites

Feminism In New Terms: a radically feminist, anti-racist, and anti-capitalist blog: https://feminisminnewterms.wordpress.com/

Official website of Get The L Out: https://getthelout.wordpress.com/blog/

The best Radical Feminist Instragram account: https://www.instagram.com/lafememeistnoire/

Olivia Palmer explains her intervention during the GenderQuake debate on her blog:

The Genderquake debate fiasco and the McCarthyism that followed.

Official website of GenderTrender, blog full of radical feminist news: https://gendertrender.wordpress.com/

Official website of the Untameable Shrews, Australian-based activist group producing and selling radical feminist stickers: https://www.theuntameableshrews.com/

Official website of Feminist Current, the best feminist media: http://www.feministcurrent.com/

Blog focused on resources on transition of minors and young adult https://4thwavenow.com/

A Black Radical Feminist blog https://sisteroutrider.wordpress.com/

Youtube channels

Magdalen Berns