April 22, 2018



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Mayday4Women is a radical feminist activist group based in the UK. Our goal is to work for women’s liberation, and our current main focus is the fight against transgenderism and the institutionalisation of self-identification. We are a registered organisation, with its own bank account and own legal existence. Although we are a very recent and young group, we have already played an important role in the public debate on transgenderism, self-ID, and the Gender Recognition Act.


What we have done so far:


Actions: alongside lesbian feminist groups, we have campaigned against the opening of the Hampstead Women’s Pond to men in February 2017. More recently, we have grouped together and given a voice to women who wanted to resign from the Labour Party because of its policy on self-ID and AWS.

Leaftets given away at protest for keeping Hampstead Heath pond in Lonfon female only


Leafleting: at the Feminism in London conference and the Anarchist Book Fair in October 2017, in front of Topshop after officially announcing the creation of gender-neutral changing rooms, in different places in London throughout the winter 2017-2018, and at the 2018 Women’s FA Cup Final.

leaflets for bringing back sex segregated changing rooms at topshop


Social media: we have contributed to covering Tara Wolf’s trial and many other feminist news. On a daily basis, we contribute to creating a radical feminist online culture. We have also created a website, a promotion video, and Mayday4Women’s logos and banners.

woman outside hendon magistrates court holds signs that read "woman is not a feeling" and "lesbians against male violence"


Marches: we have contributed to giving visibility to radical feminism during several marches like Reclaim the Night, March For Women, and Million Women Rise.

big sign at a march that reads "Lesbian not queer"

Inspired from Wild Womyn Workshop

What we want to do next:

  1. We want to create a Vlog, podcasts, and other original radical and lesbian feminist content because we are not represented in mainstream or “alternative” media.
  2. We want to continue leafleting and creating signs and banners for future marches, as well as creating posters and stickers to display in public spaces. We are ready to send our material to motivated women who want to do the same in different places in the UK.
  3. Be ready for any kind of other online and IRL actions contributing to women’s liberation and the visibility of radical feminism.