May 8, 2018


Mayday4Women is a radical feminist organisation fighting for women’s liberation. Given that transgenderism is currently one of the biggest threats to feminism in the UK, it is our entry point to raise women’s consciousness about patriarchal oppression in general.

Therefore, our energy currently focuses on the Gender Recognition Act (GRA), but we have a radical feminist analysis of all the other ways men oppress women. This means that we are also against prostitution (we support the Nordic Model), pornography, racist and classist misogyny, and all forms of male violence and economic, social, cultural, and personal coercion enabling women’s oppression by men.

We want to create a political climate where women are not forced to submit to men, or even relate to men if women don’t wish to.

Our aims regarding the fight against transgenderism are:

  1. To maintain ‘sex’ as a protected characteristic separate from any other and make sure it is respected as such with no exceptions.
  2. The proposed amendments to the GRA currently present the biggest threat to this in the UK – so we must stop this legislation.
  3. Raise awareness of the problem of self-identification and transgenderism, and why it is important to not conflate sex with ‘gender’.
  4. Support women in ‘coming out’ as gender-critical and/or radical feminists by providing resources for them to use, ensuring women can do this safely, without the threat or fear of violence.
  5. Expose the anti-lesbianism and anti-feminism of transgenderism.
  6. Create and support the creation of women- and lesbian-only spaces.