Protest For Safe Return Of Shamima Begum

2pm Trafalgar Square – Saturday February 23rd

Shamima Begum’s grooming as a child and subsequent travel to be married falls within the category of trafficking for sexual and reproductive slavery.

Shamima was trafficked into child marriage and statutory rape. She was lured, as trafficking victims commonly are, with promises of wonderful conditions and new freedoms. Her flight was paid for (follow the money to find the traffickers) and she was met and transported to the destination. This is the classic formula of sex trafficking.

Once in Syria she was married off to an adult man and kept pregnant for the next three years. It is the adult men who orchestrated, financially facilitated, and benefited from this situation, that are the culprits.

Beyond blaming a victim of child grooming and sex trafficking for being victimised, it is straightforwardly illegal for Shamima to be stripped of her British citizenship.

The British state has taken little action against the 400+ British men who went to fight for ISIS. Shamima was kept pregnant the entire time she was trapped inside ISIS territory – the idea that she was on the frontline as some G.I Jane is a ridiculous picture conjured to deny the true reality of sexual politics. Two out of three of her children have died, with the one remaining with her in a displaced persons camp also legally a British citizen.

Shamima is only 19 and yet the British state is allowing her life to be entirely ruined by ISIS men – terrorists we are supposedly meant to hate and understand the horror of – yet it is their victim, a destitute young lone mother with no history of violence whatsoever, who is monstered by our media. Making Shamima stateless is an exercise in pure sadism.

In response there has been a public celebration of Shamima’s total destruction i.e a witch burning. By making her a demonic figure we not only punish the victim, but show how women who are perceived as ‘disloyal’ to the state will be treated worse than disloyal men (even if it involves murder, rape, and so on). The public enjoyment of Shamima’s humiliation and impoverishment represents the depths of racism and misogyny within our society.

No children leave home unless there are serious problems at home. Groomers only target vulnerable children. We cannot desert Shamima.

That’s why we are calling a protest in TRAFALFAR SQUARE on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23rd at 2pm before heading to Downing Street. This is to protest against the illegal and unjust decision by the Home Office to revoke Shamima’s citizenship and also protest her treatment by the UK media which has refused to acknowledge her status as a victim of child grooming and sex trafficking.

We call for the safe return of Shamima Begum and her baby to the UK.

If you want to attend the protest or find out further details email



One thought on “Protest For Safe Return Of Shamima Begum”

  • Incredible article and perspective. I hadn’t thought about this at all when I heard about her on the news. Thank you!

    Please, for those of us half way ’round the world, provide the emails of some UK government officials, and a sample letter, Stoneham we can write and advocate for her. Thank you for your beautiful work.

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