2018 round-up and looking forward

As it’s the first week of the new year we thought we’d take a look back on 2018 and a look forward. Here are 10 things we achieved, built, and organised last year:

  1. Made Sky news by flying at the Women’s FA Cup Final
  2. Made the Guardian when took part in a protest about the Hampstead Heath ponds
  3. Organised over 300 women to leave the Labour Party over self-ID
  4. Our very own Olivia Palmer called Monroe Bergdorf a man on live TV
  5. Reported from the Tara Wolf trial at Hendon Crown court. Check out Maria Mac’s blog here: https://www.peaktrans.org
  6. Crowd funded the Go Pro camera that captured the Get The L Out protest at London Pride
  7. Submitted to and advised on submissions to the GRA consultation.
  8. International visit to Berlin of over a dozen women
  9. Put up over 500 stickers across different UK cities.
  10. Launched this website!

As the Gender Recognition Act consultation period has ended we will be undergoing a slight change of direction, focusing on lesbian erasure. The attacks on lesbian spaces, lesbian culture, and lesbian sexuality all fall under the Transgender rubric. We will be starting with a poster campaign in the New Year, a new lesbian group, and other currently ‘top secret’ projects.

Photo by Aniska Muller

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