Women’s History International Trip to Berlin

Gender-critical and radical feminists are increasingly being branded ‘fascists’ and ‘Nazis’ for acknowledging basic biological and social realities. Women are a historically subjugated group due to our reproductive capacities, rarely holding any political power whatsoever. In one move, queer and transactivists attempt to reverse reality by pretending that women who recognise our own status as women are the same as some of the most oppressive ideologies and genocidal political regimes humanity has ever known. We are therefore organising a trip to commemorate the loss of many of our sisters under Nazism and fascism, as well as creating a space where women spend time with each other and learn about their own history.

This September we will be taking around a dozen women to Berlin to visit Ravensbrück concentration camp.

Dates: TBC

Costs: TBC

Day 1: Walking tour of women’s history in Berlin. 5 hours long with lunch in the middle (2.5 in morning and afternoon)

Day 2: Day trip to Ravensbrück. Train tickets seem to be around €19.

Intend to take around a dozen women – could stretch to 14 if have lots of applications.

If interested in participating please use our contact form to enquire.

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